Medical word – Vol. 1, No 1, 2020-duplicate-1



Ana Antić

Introductory word by editor-in-chief … i-i

Review article

Bela Balint, Mirjana Pavlovic, Milena Todorovic

From nucleated to ex vivo manipulated stem cells – an updated biological and clinical synopisis … 1-9

Original articles

Ana Antić, Sanja Živković Đorđević, Suzana Stevanović, Marija Jelić

Processing and storage of blood components as a precondition for safe transfusion … 10-14

Miodrag Vučić, Nebojša Vacić

Percutaneous coronary interventions in patient with hemophilia A, partial gastrectomy and reccurent myocardial infarction … 15-18

Jovica Jovanović, Svetlana Banić

The importance of occupational medicine in traffic accidents prevention … 19-22

Zoran Milošević, Milorad Jerkan, Miodrag Stojanović, Natalija Premović, Sanja Milošević, Aleksandra Ignjatović, Marija Andjelković Apostolović

Application of the health information system in the HThe importance of occupational medicine in traffic accidents prevention … 23-29

Dejan Rančić,  Јоvan Todorović, Marija Mladenović

Effects of vasoactive therapy in patients with sensorineural hypoacusis … 29-35

Rade R. Babić, Gordana Stanković-Babić, Nenad Govedarović, Strahinja Babić, Aleksandra Marjanović, Nevena Babić

Radiological picture of ophthalmic syndrome … 36-39

Gordana Stanković-Babić, Rade R. Babić

History of medicine – Dr. Dragoljub Djordjević (1866 -1942) Founder and first head of Department Eye District Hospitals in Niš … 40-44

Current topic

Guillaume de La Bourdonaye, Roberta Costanzo, Christelle Haziza

Tobacco harm reduction: The potential to reduce the risk from smoking: a six-month exposure response study on switching from cigarettes to tobacco heating system (THS) … 45-48