This is how Duško Radović spoke about healthcare

History of medicine

Strahinja Babić, Katarina Mitrović, Rade R. Babić, Gordana Stanković Babić, Nevena Babić, Aleksandar Jevremović


Dušan – Duško Radović (November 29, 1922, Niš, Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes – August 16, 1984, Belgrade, Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia) was a poet, writer, journalist, aphorist, and radio and television editor. We remember him by his nickname Duško, as long as the people of Belgrade remember him by the radio show “Good morning, Belgrade” that he used to wake them up every morning. For him, writing was a game and a fight against boredom. He wrote for children and adults, in his own, unusual, witty, and entertaining way. Day after day, Duško Radović uttered and recorded aphorisms about the health system of our country at that time, about health, diseases, patients, doctors, pharmacists, nurses, students and professors of the health sphere, which carried artistic originality, and did not leave the reader indifferent, but they encouraged him to think, which was peculiar only to him. In the paper, we presented more than forty-five aphorisms of Duško Radović about health, diseases, patients, doctors, pharmacists, dentists and nurses.

Conclusion: We showed our and the world’s public the life, and work of Duško Radović, therefore, we were the first to include him in the history of Serbian and world medicine, which, let’s face it, is a significant reason for this work to appear before its readers, who are always eager for real and unique literature. With our work, we join the commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Duško Radović.

Key words: Duško Radović, aphorisms, healthcare

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