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Ana Antić

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Dear colleagues and associates,

So far, the most diverse topic of the papers, this time in front of you in the eighth issue of the “Medical Word”, shows the great interest and engagement of all of you in creating the journal.

After two years of continuous publication, the editors of “Medical Word” will apply for the categorization of the journal at the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia, according to the rules and fulfilled criteria.

It is a great pleasure and pride for all of us who participated in the creation and promotion of “Medical Word” because, in these two years, we managed to gather top experts from the country and European experts in the field of various medical branches. We have invested a lot of energy, effort, and will in improving the quality of professional work, projects, and education, introducing new technologies into daily work. This journal is precisely the opportunity to present the results of testing and validation of new methods and technologies, as well as routine practices that have changed intensively throughout the years, and the priority for all of us was the safe and effective treatment of patients. I am sure that we succeeded in that.

I wish all my colleagues and associates a successful year, both personally and professionally, with the hope that all your current and future scientific research will be aimed at improving diagnostics and therapy for patients. I hope that in future times we will develop even more intensively and that through “Medical Word” we will follow all the trends and directions of development of professional medical remarks in the world in the years ahead.

Prim. Ana Antić, MD, PhD,

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