Editor’s note 4(4)


Ana Antić

Editor’s note


Respected colleagues and associates, dear friends,,

In times full of challenges and difficulties, every step forward makes us proud and gives us more energy for additional efforts. The fourth year of “Medical Word” brought confirmation of our determination and will to succeed in publishing by gathering the most eminent experts in the field of medical sciences who presented current topics from practice and the results of their work to the interested professional and scientific public. According to the decision of determining the list of categorized scientific journals for the year 2023, the Ministry of Science, Technological Development and Innovation of the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the procedure prescribed by the Rules of Categorization and Ranking of Scientific Journals, included the newly launched journal “Medical Word” in the list in category M54 for the first time.

We all contributed together to make our journal modern and recognizable in professional circles, both because of the quality of the works and because of its modern look and electronic format. We carefully planned each issue, created content that was interesting to readers, and presented both original scientific papers and expert announcements from the National Association of the Health Workers of Serbia Congress.

We continue in the same rhythm. We laid the foundations with care and quality, and now we are moving towards the fulfillment of our mission and clearly defined goal. In this issue, we publish papers on a variety of topics from the fields of pediatric surgery, biochemistry, preventive practice, radiology, and internal medicine. Hopefully, the works will be equally interesting, as all published so far in “Medical Word”.

We wish you a lot of happiness, health, and success in the year ahead, with the desire to continue our successful cooperation and make “Medical Word” even better with each new issue.

Prim. Ana Antić, MD, PhD, Prof. v. s.

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