Editor’s note

Medical Word 2021; 2(2): i–i


I am content and proud that the fifth issue of the journal “Medical word” is in front of you, which has been published regularly since its founding, thanks to valuable authors, reviewers, and all contributors. We managed to build something that was an almost impossible for all of us at the very beginning. It was a great challenge, a brave decision, especially having in mind the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic in which the magazine was made. And that is why I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who trusted us and decided to grow up together with us and to strive for quality and higher scientific standards.

In this issue of the journal, which marks the beginning of the second year of its existence, we publish six papers, most of which are reviewed from the always current fields of medicine, one paper from the history of medicine, one case report from dentistry, practicing and quitting smoking and creating healthy living habits. This edition, therefore, confirms the broad thematic orientation of “Medical Word”, so we hope for a positive reception from all readers.

We look forward to your suggestions, ideas, comments and remind you to keep sending us your work. Detailed instructions for authors, information about our editorial policy, and other information about the journal, in general, can be found on our website www.medicinskarec.com.

Any paper is welcome!

Prim. Ana Antić, MD, PhD,

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