Editor’s note Vol. 4, No. 2, 2023


Ana Antić

Dear associates and friends,

In the previous ten years of its existence, the National Association of Healthcare Workers of Serbia has organized many professional meetings, symposia, and congresses that have brought together the most eminent experts from various fields of medicine from Serbia, the region, and the world. There is the XVII Congress of the Association in front of us, which is traditionally held in Vrnjačka Banja, and which will surpass all the previous ones in terms of the number of submitted works for oral and poster presentation, as well as the total number of participants. This issue of Medical Word is dedicated to the XVII Congress of the National Association of Health Workers of Serbia, and it is a collection of abstracts of papers submitted for educational seminars by section.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has changed a lot in our lives in the past three years, expert meetings are still a platform for exchanging knowledge and experiences, where we must all continue to acquire new knowledge and share our experiences. It is the reason Medical Word for the fourth time publishes summaries from the congress organized by the National Association of Health Workers of Serbia, which is the founder and publisher of the journal. The papers are devoted to contemporary topics that are important for health promotion, treatment of the sick and injured, prevention of the spread of infectious diseases, and the role of nurses and technicians in the era of modern medicine.

With our active participation through lectures, poster presentations, and discussions, we will all contribute to the development and affirmation of new ideas in medicine in the times ahead.

We have started the fourth year of the successful operation of Medical Word thanks to all of you who participate. Thank you for your efforts and trust, we hope for success in the future!

Prim. Ana Antić, MD, PhD,

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