Introductory word by editor-in-chief

Medical Word 2020; 1(1): i–i

Respected colleagues, dear readers,

It is my great pleasure to present the first issue of a professional medical journal called Medical word published by the National Association of the healthcare workers of Serbia.

The strongest motive for launching the journal, eight years after the National Association was founded, was the eagerness to give our associates the opportunity to publish their scientific papers. As the editor-in-chief, I look forward to the challenge of its creation, and I hope it will have a good reception from the scientific and general public. I also hope it will improve the quality of research in the medical sciences.

The journal was registered in the Repository of the National Library of Serbia and we expect its official categorization soon. Our idea is to publish double-blind peer-reviewed papers that have not previously been published, dealing with medical and interdisciplinary research. The journal will be published four times a year.

There are high but clearly defined goals ahead of us. Hopefully, you will enjoy the papers we have prepared for you. Together we might contribute to the quality and referentiality of the journal in the future. I invite you to share your papers which can make our journal Medical word versatile and interesting. It can also be a strong motive for the editorial staff to continue their work.

Prim. Ana Antić, MD, PhD,

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