Medical Word – Vol. 4, No 1, 2023

Medical Word – Vol. 4, No 1, 2023

Dear colleagues and associates,

The growing interest of colleagues from different specialties who take part in the work and development of our journal is the reflection of the continuous and strong progress of the medical profession and science in our country, but at the same time it represents an important contribution to our general medical literature. The development of science is possible only through the free exchange of ideas, knowledge, results and projects, all of which together improve the quality of research in the field of medical sciences and everyday clinical practice.

The editorial board of the journal would like to thank all the authors for their motivation and commitment, as well as the reviewers who, with their competent and thorough reviews, contributed to maintaining the quality of “Medical Word” and the continuous dynamics of publishing new issues. We have managed to maintain the dynamics of publishing the journal of 3 issues per year, and hopefully we will progress as a team in the coming period. Good communication and an open relationship between colleagues create fertile ground for progress and successful cooperation.

Further goals of the journal editors are to improve the quality of papers, to encourage colleagues who have not been involved in scientific research work to try it, but also to connect and cooperate with other journals and include them in reference databases. We will continue to search for new knowledge with curiosity..

Prim. Ana Antić, MD, PhD,

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